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when you’re hungry and you remember there’s leftovers


when you realize someone already ate them



I hate when people say “you only turn 16 once” like yeah no shit you only turn any age once what the fuck kind of excuse is that to have fun it pisses me off soooo much….idiots


7% cell phone battery
0% motivation

(via fake-mermaid)

tumblr gays: i just want someone to fuck me raw
tumblr gays: i wanna suck a thousand dicks
tumblr gays: hmu daddies
anon: id fuck you
tumblr gays: go to church *disgusted reaction gif*


White dudes have this thing where they believe your best friend in the world can have opposing political ideas. You’re supposed to be able to have healthy debate and disagreeing shouldn’t harm your friendship.
That’s gross and stupid. Its really easy to say that when all your…